Eat and experience

Restaurants in Groningen are becoming more focused on creating an experience.

Imagine dining in a café in the dark, or competing in a Mario Cart tournament.

This Sunday, the restaurant Achterwerk in Groningen will organise its first film-dinner. The guests will watch a movie, combined with eating food which is inspired by that movie. Achterwerk will show, and dine to, Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’

Film diner poster cropped
Achterwerk’s poster for the film dinner evening. Picture from Facebook.


Achterwerk is open since September 30th, and it can be best described as a restaurant by day, and Groningen’s very first late-night bar and restaurant by night.

They have done other unusual evenings in the past, like dining in the dark, inviting guest-chefs, and now they have organised this film dinner.

Restaurants and cafés are developing more creative options to enhance the experience of their guests. Their latest idea, as seen in Groningen is: concept evenings. A concept evening can be described as a set of activities connected by a single theme, often geared towards discovery and experience.

A café that has been doing concept evenings for a while now is MASMAS. One of the owners of the café in Groningen, Ward Poel, told The Scoop that he is aiming for an event every two days.

“Last Saturday we had a Mojito Party, but it was just something that randomly popped up,” Poel said. Other examples of past events are: Mario Cart, chess, or Fifa game tournaments, but also music evenings, ranging from classical to techno music.

MASMAS opened around two years ago, and they focus their extra events around the customers. MASMAS means more-more in Spanish, and they wanted to give more to their customers, they wanted to create a community.

Last month, they did a coffee tasting evening, and many people signed up for it. They tried not only high-end brands of coffee, but also normal brands from the supermarket “so you could really taste the difference,” Poel said.

Ward Poel thinks that the way to start organising concept events is to “create a little bit of a name for yourself, but eventually people find out that the evenings are quite good.”

MASMAS’ logo

“It also makes my job more fun, and for the business itself it’s extra income. It’s a plus-plus, like MASMAS,” Poel adds.


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