Day 1 of the Burger Hunt: The Blokes

By Valeska Schietinger, Evi Qorri and Giacinto Bottone

The Scoop magazine, Food&Drinks edition is launching today and with it, the hunt for the best burger in Groningen has begun. Every day, different members of The Scoop team will be visiting different places in the city trying to find not only the best burger in town but the best overall experience. Today’s stop is The Blokes, located at Poelestraat 39, one of the hottest spots currently in Groningen.BlokeInspired by American cuisine, Blokes offers a menu of seven burgers for every taste. The prices start from 9.50 euros and reach out to 12.50 euros, which is one of the disadvantages of the whole experience, especially if you are a student.



Entering the place feels like stepping into a folksy-industrial living room, creating a cozy atmosphere, which is supported by wooden candle holders and at least 40 low-dimmed lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. Thumbs up for this location!

The waiter serving us this evening is a young guy, who enthusiastically takes our orders. As enjoyable as the service was, the time it took them to prepare three burgers with fries however, was not. Thirty-six minutes, two rivellas and two cokes later, we are finally presented with three delicious looking burgers.


Valeska Schietinger

That’s where our journalistic responsibility of capturing the moment kicks in and lets us look like three members of the food paparazzi who have never seen a burger before. Not only is it a real challenge to actually snap a shot of a tasty burger when you’re only given gleaming lightbulb-candlelight, but even worse were the judgmental, questioning looks we got from a group of six young Dutch people, situated at the table next to ours.


The Forrest Burger, a medium sized golden brown burger, is served on a wooden board, being pierced together by a steak knife and the cold Emmenthaler cheese, which seems to serve as an unintentional gluing component. Taking the first bite one thing is for sure – this burger has seen its hottest moments at least 15 minutes ago, and believe me, we were quick with taking our pictures. However, the taste is amazing. A medium-fried patty of super tender minced beef is an absolute pleasure to melt on your tongue, even in combination with the (unfortunately cold) cheese. To top this, the sauce and the mushrooms on the burger make it all a very tasty combination.

The fries? All in all they were good, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, but nothing too special about them, which is not too much of a problem, since the burger is bursting with flavor.

Blokes is definitely scoring high when it comes to location, friendly service and the food, however not when it’s served lukewarm and after almost 40 minutes, on a night where only a few tables were taken.

So, if you are wondering now if you should try a burger at Blokes? Yes you should, but bring some time and enjoy your food instead of taking hundreds of pictures from different angles

Burger price: €10,5 (M) €12,5 (L) 

Evi Qorri: 

I order the Pigbelly, alongside some fries and a coke, as I couldn’t have a deal combining all three. However, if you want to spoil yourself, you have to go with the full package.
After ordering our food we waited for 30 minutes, which may not sound that long, but taking into consideration the place was almost empty and the fact that I was impatiently waiting for my first ever food critique, it seemed to last an eternity.
Throughout our visit, the smell of the fried bacon, garlic and grilled beef filled the atmosphere, preparing our senses for the upcoming food.
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 11.23.12
Moving onto the burger itself, the presentation was excellent. With the arrival of the food, I experienced one of the most awkward moments I ever had in a restaurant, because I had to photograph my food, something I really despise.
With my first bite, I could taste all the flavors, the beef, the bun, the cheese, the sauce, the lettuce, the tomato and the onion. At the same time, I could feel that my burger was not warm enough and the cheese hadn’t melted.
Overall the experience was very positive; the Blokes is one of the places to go and grab a beer or a cocktail with friends.

Burger price: €10 (M) €12 (L)


Giacinto Bottone 


The Bloke Burger: 250 grams of beef burger with grilled bacon, Emmenthaler cheese, baked eggs, pickles, grilled onions, few slices of truffle potato chips, and truffle sauce.

A burger is definitely more than just meat. A perfectly cooked piece of meat mixed with bland ingredients will, without a doubt, ruin the burger. It is like a great movie with shitty actors. To me, the perfect burger consists of a balance between the meat and all the other ingredients. Sadly, it is not uncommon to come across burgers that forget about the importance of all their ingredients.

The Bloke burger was, unfortunately, a big disappointment. The meat was perfectly cooked, red and tender on the inside. The egg and the sauce had great taste and it worked with the meat. Sadly, the egg was cold which didn’t help the cheese (maybe due to the fact that it took nearly 40 minutes for the burger to be ready). But the biggest problem with this burger was that it did not deliver what it promised: the onions were definitely not grilled, they were just a couple of rings of red onions put in there; truffle potato chips were too few, in fact, so few that there were none. The bacon got completely lost between the cold egg and the cheese.

Overall it was an overpriced experience that disintegrated in your hands, literally that bread will disintegrate in your hands. It is definitely a burger that I would not recommend to anyone I like. But it looked pretty good on the plate, so Instagram lovers will definitely double tap this place.

Burger price: €12,5


Be sure to visit again tomorrow, to discover a brand new review.

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