Day 2 of the Burger Hunt: Huize Maas

By Giacinto Bottone, Michelle Ruwen and Evi Qorri.

The second day of The Scoop magazine, Food&Drinks edition has arrived and the hunt for the best burger in Groningen continues. Today’s stop is Huize Maas, located at the Vismarkt, one of the most popular places in the city.


The restaurant has a great atmosphere fueled by a bunch of people talking. While this may be annoying in other places, the size of the location allows for this to just be background noise. It feels fresh, and a place where your parents wouldn’t look amiss.

Our waiter for the evening was a lovely Dutch woman, who was very attentive throughout the evening even though the place was packed.

Be aware that if your Dutch isn’t great, you will need either a patient waitress or a native speaker to help translate the menu.

Evi Qorri:

The Mexican Burger:

 My Mexican burger had an Italian bun, so props to this restaraunt for their multiculturalism! A delicious medium cooked beef burger “from the grill” was topped with a spicy tomato salsa with onions, jalapenos and fresh salad. The mains were accompanied with a generous side of fries and tortilla chips with guacamole.

From the first bite, you can taste the multitude of flavors, the crispy exterior complimenting the tender, juicy beef burger, the salsa, the onion and of course the jalapenos. Because I like the clean flavors, I didn’t mind the absence of melting cheese in it. However, with every bite, the jalapenos began to overwhelm every other flavor, even the sourness of the tomatoes, which was a disappointment.

If I hadn’t discovered the guacamole under the pile of the tortilla chips, my mouth would have been on fire, and I’m a person that really likes spicy food, so I can’t imagine what would have happened to someone with a lower tolerance for spices!

Moving to the fries I have to admit that I was excited that they were included and we didn’t have to order them separately. However, the plastic texture and taste proved that they were frozen, pre-cooked fries. Sad. At this point, I would like to thank the guacamole that saved me.

3 scoopsThe price for the burger, the fries, and the drink turned out to be reasonable, as my meal ended up costing 10.50 euros.


Michelle Ruwen:


The Spanish Burger… Italian bun with a minced chicken burger from the grill with olive tapenade, served with aioli. The burger came with fries, mayonnaise and curry, and I paired it with a coke.

The side of aioli was both in, and next to the burger, and with the first bite that was the flavour that predominated. With my second bite, I could finally taste the olive tapenade, but the taste was not strong enough to mask the smoky taste of a scorched patty.

Disappointingly, my minced chicken burger was burned, blackened on both sides. This burned taste was most prominent in the burger, but dipping it in the garlic flavoured aioli helped. Let me just remind you, that the aioli’s intended purpose here was not to save the meal, but to enhance the flavours, so overall it was a bit of a disappointment. Whilst it’s clear this dish had a lot of potential, it was poorly executed.

2 scoops

Even though the meal was saved by the other ingredients, I feel that a burned patty should not get a sufficient rating as it ruined all the other tastes. The saving grace for this review was the fact we waited 25 minutes for our meal, and the fair price for the burger and fries, 8.50 euros. Otherwise, this review could have been more scathing.


Giacinto Bottone:


The Franse Vega Burger: A vegetarian burger with Portobello mushrooms, with apple, brie and syrup. [Don’t worry, I google translated this so you didn’t have to!]

Few things can be sadder for a non-vegetarian than eating a burger without meat. Actually, I cannot think of anything more depressing as a habitual carnivore. But, truth be told, a vegetarian burger can be a great experience and my principles force me to admit that I have had great vegetarian burgers in my life. On the other hand, my stomach forces me to admit that there is a void when two buns get together and there is no meat to unite them.

The Franse Vega Burger is the only vegetarian burger at Huize Maas. I will not go into detail about the ‘French’ name because my ignorance about French cuisine might overshadow my burger knowledge, which so far has been decades of research and thousands of patties.

Even though the syrup is commanding this burger with great authority the overall flavor of this burger is really good. The Brie and the apples were playing a crappy hide and seek game; they were ‘visible’ but still hid from my taste buds. But, still when you put everything in your mouth, there’s the sweet mix with the cheese and the vegetables were truly delicious.

3 scoopsOverall the one downside of this burger was the “down size” of the filling. The buns came across as too big for what it was inside. After finishing my burger and fries, my stomach was still rumbling, so I was ready for my main course. Price: 9.50

Be sure to visit again tomorrow, to discover a brand new review.

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