Day 3 of the Burger Hunt: Wereldburgers

By Valeska Schietinger, Michelle Ruwen and Jacob Thorburn

The third day of The Scoop magazine, Food&Drinks edition is here and our hunt for the best burger in Groningen continues. Today’s stop is Wereldburgers, located at Akerkhof 43.

Wereldburgers is a place of paradoxes. On our trip, we found it to be both busy and hushed, lively yet relaxed and it really captures the quiet rush that we all experience at times here in Groningen.

Wereldburgers, located at Akerkhof 43.

This was the perfect place to relax with friends over a burger and a beer, but too chilled to impress someone on a first date (despite the candles on our table!) Nonetheless, we were all left in agreement that this was a cool, chic burger place. An open kitchen was an interesting touch for such a casual setting, and offered us reassurances that our burgers would be of a certain standard. Judging by all the pictures the customers were taking of both their food, and their surroundings, it’s safe to say they were enjoying themselves too.


Dutch Beef Burger: Lettuce, pickles, tomato, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise on a crispy white bun.

Dutch Beef Burger
Dutch Beef Burger, potato wedges and Brander mayonnaise. © The Scoop, 2018.

As the burgers arrived at our table, the three of us are more than happy with what we are presented with. In my case, the Dutch Beef Burger is exactly what I expect a tasty burger to look like. The bun has been roasted to golden brown, making it crispy on the outside but also strong enough to hold this beast of a burger together (their Double Dutch burger might be enough for a small pack of wolves.)

The classic combination of ingredients, listed above, fulfills almost every wish of a burger fanatic. The medium-fried patty is extremely juicy, which makes the burger fun to eat, but creates a little mess on the plate and eventually your pants as well, so watch out when you dive in. The ingredients are all fresh and create an amazing combination of flavours.

Along with the burger come potato wedges. The name might be a little misleading here, because we are talking about thick potato slices and not what one would imagine when the term “wedges” is dropped. However, these crispy “aardappels” go perfectly with the burger, and this portion might pose a challenge for smaller stomachs.

It’s clear to me that the extremely friendly chefs at Wereldburgers know how to make an impressive burger. For a little over 15 Euros (including a large Grolsch) you can not only enjoy a fantastic burger, but also enjoy an evening with your friends which will be super “gezellig”!

Burger Price: 8,45€

4 scoops


‘El Classicó’ White bun and a beef burger with rucola, onions, aioli, chorizo, jalapeno peppers and crème fraîche. 

‘El Classicó’ in all of its glory. © The Scoop, 2018.

Opting for El Classicó was easy for a self-proclaimed burger expert such as myself. I ditched the onions as I’m not a fan of onions, but all the other ingredients sounded fantastic.

At first I was surprised by the crispy texture of the chorizo, but between the soft textures of the rucola and the medium cooked beef, it turned out to be a match made in heaven. My patty was juicy, the meat could have been ground more finely for my liking, but was still very tasty. No one taste overpowered the others, which is why in some bites you could actually taste and enjoy different parts of the burger. With the sudden spice of a jalapeno pepper, your whole burger becomes an experience, instead of just a dinner.

The bun, at first, was a bit soft for my liking, and it (barely) did it’s job holding the burger together. Despite this the bun let the ingredients speak for themselves, which works out marvelously. I left the place with a more positive view on fans of the soft bun, thanks to the good work of Wereldburgers. Even though my whole meal was a (wee) bit more expensive than usual, it was definitely worth it.

Burger Price: 8.55€

4 scoops


Cranberry Rock – Mixed lettuce, fried onion, mushrooms, bacon, cranberry compote and Shropshire blue cheese.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As the cheery waiter approaches I have to admit to my colleagues that I’m dreading the next moment. My stomach is rumbling and for the good of journalism, I’ve ignored my dislike of mushrooms, lettuce and blue cheese in order to provide our readers with as diverse a review as possible. As he leaves with our order I feel a pang of regret, should I have opted for an option more suited to my palate?

What came next was a surprise that could rival Darth Vader revealing he is the source of all of Luke’s daddy issues.

Once the burger reaches my taste buds, my initial concerns disappear in an instant. The sharpness of the blue cheese and the sweetness of the cranberries complimented one another beautifully. The juicy medium cooked beef combines with the crunch of the lettuce and even the dreaded mushrooms turn out to be edible. This was fast becoming one of my favourite burgers. Ever.

My only complaint was that the texture of my slightly over-roasted bun served to distract me from what was otherwise an outstanding burger. In addition to this, the bun had one job, keep the ingredients inside as intact as possible. By the end of my eating experience, a third of my burger was a sloppy mess on my plate which was a real disappointment because it was that good.

Price: €8.95 (Combination deal with fries and slaw will cost an extra 4€, but worth it!)

4 scoops


Find the first and second parts of our Burger Hunt linked.

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