The Team

The Scoop is a webzine created by ten international journalism students living in the Dutch city of Groningen. With wide-ranging interests and backgrounds,  we will provide regular articles on both local and international topics of interest.


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Anni Reenpää

Anni is a 22-year old aspiring journalist from Finland. Having always been a creative spirit, Anni started drawing her own magazines when she was a child, which lead her to discover her passion for journalism later in life.

Anni graduated in Social Sciences with a major in photojournalism. Since childhood, photography has always been a deep passion of hers. For three summers now, Anni worked as a photographer and a photo editor in the Finnish News Agency, STT, where she got an opportunity to photograph a coup attempt in Istanbul in 2016.

Describing herself as a bit of an explorer, Anni tries to embrace as much as life can offer, even if it pushes her out of her comfort zone.

In the future, Anni envisages herself working for a magazine or a newspaper where she can realise herself in both writing and photography.




Evi Kiori

Evi grew up on the outskirts of Athens, splitting her time between football and classical ballet. Her passion for journalism was ignited by a fourth grade school newspaper project which resulted in a young Evi conducting her own interviews. The sight of a female journalist reporting from Gaza confirmed to Evi that this was a profession with the power to bring about meaningful social change.

Evi says she disappointed her parents by choosing a career in journalism instead of becoming a lawyer, however, The Scoop believes they will be extremely proud of her!

She currently envisages herself working within the field of investigative journalism but also enjoys the documentary format as it allows simple ideas to evolve into something much greater.

Outside of journalism, Evi enjoys reading, travel and discovering new cultures, so it’s a good job she ended up studying journalism in a foreign country.




Giacinto Bottone

Giacinto is a film-loving and viola-playing journalist from Venezuela. His enthusiasm for movies and TV shows, together with a passion for investigative journalism (also from movies), is what drew him to journalism in the first place. He “studied” English in Oxford for a year, which in his words equalled more partying than studying. He then studied literature in Venezuela, and later started Arts, Culture and Media, with the specialisation of Film studies here in Groningen.

A sucker for dialogue and narratives, he is the perfect person to make sense of this complicated world. Together with his fascination for investigation and criticism, he is always looking for the latest ‘scoop’, and he will leave no stone unturned.

And who would have guessed that this smart, worldly person’s guilty pleasure is reggeaton?





Jacob Thorburn

Jacob Thorburn is a journalist with the heart of a historian. Born and raised in Milton Keynes, UK, he has a passion for American history. If you ask him whose autograph he’d like to have he will answer Barack Obama’s one. Fond of travelling, his favourite landscape is in Rome, though the place he misses most is Florida, where he spent one year studying. A laid-back personality, he only gets defensive when it comes to his eyebrows.

Other distinguishing marks:

Favourite team: The Scoop

Religion: Football

Weakness: He doesn’t drink coffee, only tea. After all, he’s an Englishman.




Jana Sturmheit

Jana, 25, from Oldenburg but Berliner-at-heart. The hilarious red-head received her Bachelor’s degree in Korean Studies from the Free University of Berlin. This might explain her obsession with East-Asian culture and pretty much anything related to Asia. Besides, Jana is a food addict, but don’t you dare serve her a Big Mac – McDonalds is not considered to be real food in Jana’s world.

Ms Sturmheit calls herself hyperactive –  a trade she can definitely use for her other passion: hip hop dancing. Besides purple being her absolute favorite color, Jana qualifies as the fashionista of the group.

Jana decided to study journalism at the University of Groningen, because she is interested in things that are different and wants to open people’s minds to new perspectives and possibilities. She strives to become an East-Asian correspondent.




Martin MacDonald

Martin MacDonald moved from the Scottish Lowlands, near Edinburgh, to Groningen to pursue journalism, his real passion.

He studied medicine and after working for 3 years as a doctor, he realised that life is too short not to follow your dreams, so he opted for journalism. The Scoop supports his spirit and is impressed by his determination to follow his heart.

Passionate about language and the impact it can have, he focuses on narrative journalism. Martin loves writing stories for The Scoop without the constraints of a rigid structure, but he hates Groningen’s weather and we cannot understand why.

When he is not supporting his favourite football team, Celtic, he enjoys sipping mojitos and watching comedies.   




Michelle Ruwen

This is Mitch, a young and vibrant girl from The Netherlands who never watched Disney movies as a kid. Mitch graduated this year from English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen and she is now working on her career as a Journalist hoping to do TV and documentaries all over the world.

She is a super fun girl. She loves Stephen King, Dan Brown and Angela Carter; on top of that, she loves dancing crazy, alone in her room. As a good Dutch, her favorite country is The Netherlands and she prefers beer to tequila (fun). But seriously, Mitch is so corky and fun that if she would be someone from friends she for sure would be Phoebe. Who doesn’t like Phoebe? However, this is not the only TV character she identifies with, since she would like to be Dexter (and not lovely Dexter’s lab’s Dexter but serial killer Dexter). So, be aware of Mitch; she did after all abandoned Game of Thrones on its fifth season.




Silvia Ellena

Sylvia is a 22-year old aspiring journalist who hails from Bologna, Italy. Her BA degree was in Humanities, and she has a keen interest in the world, it’s literature, nature, animals, Italian food and most things in between.

An avid fan of coffee (Marocchino’s), travelling and the beautiful Italian landscape, although not necessarily in that order. Chocolate remains one of her strongest passions, she speaks for many of us when stating “for every occasion there is chocolate.”

Her time in the Netherlands has been so far been plagued by the rain, but what she appreciates most is the country’s community spirit, which she feels very much a part of with her new-found interest in bikes!

One thing’s for sure, just don’t try and make her choose between pizza and pasta.





Silvija Daniunaite

Meet Silvija, the 21 year-old “princess” from Lithuania. In her childhood, Silvija was called a princess as she had long blonde hair and all you need to deserve the title.

 Apart from being a professional princess, Silvija also has a flair for words and grammar, never skips a section of the newspaper and is on top of trends on social media.

 Having done her bachelor in English language and Culture in Groningen, Silvija wanted to adapt her passion for languages to journalistic writing. Her dream is to travel and explore different parts of the world, meet interesting people, and tell their stories.

Although Silvija is hardworking, she has the most tempting ways to relax, like wrapping herself in her blanket and “making a cocoon out of it” and eating “doughnuts and sour candy, something sweet and something sour to keep the balance.”




Valeska Schietinger

Valeska, you see, is a 25 year-young, green eyed jokester who enjoys doing “Quatsch”. Unconventional is how she likes to describe herself, and an entertainer that is happy when the people around her are happy.

She considers herself a committed 9Gag girl, music nerd and needs her weekly dose of Rick & Morty and Game of Thrones. By the way, she also loves the Dutch people and language and has already studied it during her Bachelor studies.

During an internship, she discovered her love for radio broadcasting and hopes to work in the field in the future. Her Bachelor’s degree was in American and English Studies at Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main. When thinking about her graduate studies, she looked for a personal challenge and believes she has found it in the journalism program at the University of Groningen. The reason she decided to study journalism is that she believes in the importance of professionality in the media to foster future generations.